About Us

Pro Choice Vic is an independent, bipartisan volunteer-based organisation committed to fostering and defending women's reproductive rights in the state of Victoria. We rely on donations to advocate for reproductive choice.

We believe that all women have a right to safe and legal abortion.

We are committed to laws and policies that:

  • maximise women's reproductive rights and freedoms

  • foster women's dignity

  • # respect women's moral agency by putting decisions about problem pregnancy in their hands.

Pro Choice Vic supporters include:

Fertility Control Clinic
Marie Stopes International
Multicultural Centre for Women's Health
Reproductive Choice Australia
YWCA Victoria
Doctors Reform Society of Australia
Liberty Victoria
Lip Magazine
Association for the Legal Right to Abortion (ALRA)

Pro Choice Vic welcomes new supporters. If your organisation would like to join, please contact Dr Leslie Cannold: coordinator@prochoicevic.org.au.