Pro Choice Vic is a political advocacy group. We do not provide abortion services. For information on reproductive health clinics that provide abortions in your state, please visit:Abortion Access and Information website.

For information on clinics in Victoria, please visit the Victorian Government's Better Health website .


Some women wish to discuss their options with an unplanned pregnancy before deciding. Others don't. If you would like to speak to someone, please take care. While there are a few services in Australia that offer evidence-based and professional counselling with regard to all 3 options - adoption, parenting and abortion - there are many more that have a pro-life philosophy. These agencies do not offer balanced, medically accurate information about abortion, and will not give you the name of an abortion provider, even if you ask.

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell from the way an organisation is named whether or not it is pro-choice, as many of these centres purposely name themselves in a way designed to hide their pro-life philosophy. Their name and accompanying advertising material is so effective that police and sometimes even doctors may give you their contact details or put their posters up without realising that the organisation they are referring you to is pro-life.

A good, all-purpose discussion of what counselling is and what it should provide can be found at the Victorian Government's Better Health website.

Children by Choice provides unbiased information, support and information on all unplanned pregnancy options: abortion, adoption and parenting. Victorian women may contact them by ringing Freecall 1800 177 725 or by email: Victorian women may also ring Family Planning Victoria on (03) 9257-0100.